Tuesday, December 22, 2009

personal plug

In case you ever wanted to know more about this "20-something NYC girl with a baking sensibility," here's something fun to check out. I was interviewed by Torrey from My Upper West (thanks Torrey!) about my favorite NYC neighborhood, and you can find the my answers (and glamour shot) here. Totally unrelated to food or baking or messing around in my tiny UWS kitchen, but it was still really fun to be featured.

Now off to pick up ingredients for chestnut cheesecake and cranberry pistachio icebox cookies. Hooray for the holidays and elastic waistbands!


Amy said...

Woot! Love this.

Claire (Culinarygoddess.com) said...

nice interview! You work for Real Simple? I'm so jealous!

Beth said...

Thanks guys! Yep, I do work at Real Simple - it's pretty fun!

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