Thursday, February 11, 2010


Oh friends! I have such good stuff coming up to share with you that I'm almost bursting out of my skin (just like when Jacob Black [Happy Birthday, Taylor!] phases into a werewolf). I can't wait to tell you all about it after this busy weekend but until then here's something that made my day yesterday.

A quote from my boss's darling 4-year old son after he tasted one of these cookies she had brought home from work (that I had baked and brought into the office):

Son: "Who made these?"
Boss: "A woman at my office"
Son: "Well I can tell she's pretty, because these are delicious"

Such a smart little boy ;) And soon to be a total heartbreaker, I'm sure.

Have a good Thursday and Happy Olympics opening ceremonies tomorrow! I'll be back with great stuff sooner than Meredith Vieira can ask another young Olympian how it feels to be in Vancouver.


Claire ( said...

hahha such a smart boy! so funny

Anna said...

a smart boy indeed! would these good things coming our way have anything to do with the birthday party you threw? i really can't wait to see how it went! xox

Beth said...

Claire - you are sweet! It was just such a cute quote. If boys start judging beauty on baked goods, hopefully I'll be in good shape!

Anna - Yes Ma'am, the birthday party post is coming soon! Also a very exciting experience with the cookie maven herself, Dorie Greenspan!

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